RAC-P300J Arcade Fight Stick Detachable Joystick PS4 Metal Case Acrylic Artwork Panel

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Plug and play, connection to PS4 Game Console directly, no need connect to PS4 controller

Compatible with all PS4 buttons and Xinput on PC

L3, R3 buttons for added game play options

Support Touchpad Key function

Support Turbo Key function

3M USB Cable

Detachable Joystick, players will be able to enjoy the convenience of detaching the protruding joystick shaft for easier transportation and storage.

The Fighting Stick has considerable heft and rubber feet, both of which work to hold the controller firmly in place on hard flat surfaces.


Product Size: 30 x 21 x 14cm

Product Weight: 1800g

Case Material: Metal

Panel Material: Acrylic

About Shipping:

The item will be sent from China ShenZhen Warehouse.

Package Includes:

1 x RAC-P300J Arcade Fight Stick Detachable Joystick For PS4

1 x USB Cable