RAC-S300 Retro Arcade Game Console Fight Stick Metal Case Artwork Panel

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RAC-S300 Retro Arcade Game Console is a high quality Retro Arcade Game Console with RetroPie system pre-installed. The panel is made of high quality Acrylic material with artwork. Equipped with high quality joystick and buttons, powered by Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and RetroPie system, this kit is a perfect arcade game system you can play in your home. This kit support lots of retro console systems such as: Amiga, Final Burn Alpha, Gameboy, Neo-Geo, MAME, Nintendo, SNES, DreamCast, SEGA, and a lot more.


Powered by Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or B+ B Plus

Plug and Play RETROPIE console

Professionally assembled, configured and optimized

Sandisk TF Card 64GB/128G (Class 10) 100MB/s

New iron case, frosted paint, strong and beautiful

6 foot pad on the bottom to ensure the stability of the console during the game

External TF slot for easy replacement of TF card and running different systems

System indicator to dynamically display system status

2 USB ports for easy connection to external USB devices

External audio jack for easy connection to speakers, support display devices without HDMI audio output

8 digital fire buttons

8 ways digital control stick

6 colors available for Joystick Ball and Buttons, Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Black/White

Support mixed color customization

Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder

US or EU or UK or AU Power Supply adapter Charger 5V 3.0A

With RAC-J300 Joysticks, players will be able to enjoy the convenience of detaching the protruding joystick shaft for easier transportation and storage.


Product Size: 30 x 21 x 14cm

Product Weight: 2000g

Case Material: Metal

Panel Material: Acrylic

Game Roms: About 15,000 games preinstalled, contact us get the game list.

If you wish to install more game roms yourself a quick google search will get you want.


  1. What is Raspberry Pi?


  1. What is RetroPie?


  1. Where do you find ROMs for your Game Console

google search

  1. How to Transfer ROMS to Your Game Console
    1. USB stick(ensure that your USB is formatted to FAT32)
    2. first create a folder called retropie on your USB stick
    3. plug it into the pi and wait for it to finish blinking
    4. pull the USB out and plug it into a computer
    5. add the roms to their respective folders (in the retropie/roms folder)
    6. plug it back into the raspberry pi
    7. wait for it to finish blinking
    8. refresh emulationstation by pressing F4, or choosing quit from the start menu

Package Includes:

1 x RetroArcadeCrafts RAC-S300 Retro Arcade Game Console 64G/128G

1 x Black HDMI Cable 4.9FT 1.5M

1 x Power Supply adapter Charger 5V 3.0A which Micro USB power supply charging cable with ON/OFF switch

1 x User Manual

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