B1-MINI Ultra-Thin All Buttons Arcade Game Controller for PS5/PS4/PS3/PC

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The FightBox B1-MINI is using all-acrylic ultra-thin design, the thickness is less than 1.7cm, It's so small that it can be carried in a trouser pocket. It has 4x24mm buttons(Cherry MX Black key switches) on the left side of the controller, instead of the traditional analog joystick, with 8x24mm buttons(Cherry MX Black key switches) for the action buttons on the right side of the controller. Using hot-swappable technology, it is convenient for users to replace their favorite mechanical key switches.
We have 2 models, B1-MINI-PS and B1-MINI-PS5, the B1-MINI-PS is compatible with PC/PS3/PS4 by using Brook Fighting Board,it also supports playing PS4 Games on PS5! and the other is the PS5 version, B1-MINI-PS5 is compatible with PS5/PS4/PS4/PC by using Brook Fighting Board and UFB-UP5. Ultimate Support for PS5, it supports playing PS5 Games on PS5!
4 push buttons as directional keys
8 push buttons as action buttons
All of above buttons are hot-swappable Cherry MX Black key switches
Direct connection to the PS4 console does not require a controller, completely replacing all functions of the controller
6 mini buttons on the left and right sides of the panel as function buttons: Home, Options, Share, Touchpad, R3, L3 buttons
SOCD Supported, UP + DOWN = UP, LEFT + RIGHT = NEUTRAL directional cleaning, a tournament standard for all buttons Game Controller
For the PS version B1-MINI-PS,
Powered by Brook Fighting Board
For the PS5 version B1-MINI-PS5,
Powered by Brook Fighting Board and UFB-UP5
Cable type: Type-C USB
Cable length: about 1.8m
Material: Acrylic
Panel Size: 23.6x12.5cm
Product Height: 1.7cm
Product Weight: 0.55kg
Package Includes:
1 x FightBox B1-MINI-PS All Buttons Arcade Joystick Game Controller For PS5/PS4/PS3/PC

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