Customization All Buttons Leverless-Style Mechanical Keyboard Arcade Joystick

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Custom Joystick Service

We can create a unique gaming joystick just for you.

We can personalize the joystick by printing your design artwork on the joystick panel.

If you are buying our products for the first time, the price for a customized panel is $10.00. We can print your artwork to the panel. Please note that the artwork is irreplaceable since it is printed.
To place the order:

  • Order the product you want as normal.
  • Place 10 custom product into your shopping cart to make it $10.00,

Regarding templates, you can usually find the download links on the product pages for DIY versions of the corresponding products.

If you already have one of our products before and would like to purchase a panel with an artwork pattern separately, the price is $40. You can place 40 custom products in your cart and submit the order, while uploading a picture of your artwork for the custom panel.

We can also customize the button layout based on your needs. It will become a powerful weapon in your game play.

 And more in-depth controller function customization, chip-level development for your needs.

Please contact us and tell us your needs.

This is a payment link for customers who need customized products. It is not any product. Please do not purchase this link without contacting us.

1 pieces quantity = 1.00 USD

For example: the need to pay $ 200 customation, buy this item 200 pieces

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Fantastic! Got a print to replace my panel and it looks amazing. Quick shipping even though from overseas, local customer service. Will work with again.


Custom order received after a couple of weeks. Considering this was made and shipped from China, it was a decent turnaround time. Problems occurred after trying out the controller for the first time, mainly that a couple buttons weren't working very well, either sticking or missing inputs regularly. Problem was the plastic slits inside the button caps weren't pressing down all the way to input anything through the controller. Fixing them was minimal effort but tedious, requiring filling said plastic slots with tape so they would register. Unfortunately, the metal prongs on the bottom of the buttons were bent from the fixes and eventually broke off, so I had to order new buttons as replacements. Good for a first time controller, but would have been cheaper to build my own since I had to buy parts anyway.


Good quality 👌🏿 doesn't look blurry or smudge!!