RetroArcadeCrafts Firmware Update (V2.0)  2023/4/4

RetroArcadeCrafts Firmware Update (V2.0) 2023/4/4

This update is for the PC version Controller of RetroArcadeCrafts , including the following controllers,
B1, B2, B5, B6 pc version, RAC-J80X pc version.
We added the Capcom Tournament Mode, after updating the firmware, there will be three SOCD modes:
Neutral (U+D=N, L+R=N)
Up Priority (U+D=U, L+R=N)
Last Input Priority
The default mode is Neutral.
To select the active SOCD mode, while the controller is plugged in press:
MODE + START + DOWN - Neutral (U+D=N, L+R=N)
MODE + START + UP - Up Priority (U+D=U, L+R=N)
MODE + START + LEFT - Last Input Priority
Please download the latest firmware and user manual via the link below
(For users of B-series controllers, please check the manual UserGuide-B.docx, and for users of the F-series controllers, please see the manual UserGuide-F.docx),

About the update for the PS version Controller of RetroArcadeCrafts, please go to Brook official website to get the latest firmware.