2 Player Arcade DIY Kit HAPP 8 Way Joystick Push Button USB Encoder MAME JAMMA

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8 Way HAPP Competition Style Joystick

Color: Red/Black/Blue/Green/White/Yellow

187" terminal Silver Contact Micro switch Standard

Fits all wood and metal type control panels

Smooth spring return-to-center, Smooth Spring return-to-center

Elliptical design black handle with strong steel shaft

Durable high-strength steel body cover design, strongest joystick available

High Quality Micro switches installed

Nylon and solid steel construction

Micro switch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles

Unique handle design

Rugged construction, strongest joystick

Adjustable shaft length for metal or wood mounting

You can use it to DIY your own Arcade game machine.

Happ Style Push Button

Fits wood or metal control panels

New longer design:

Easier to use within 3/4" wood control panels w/ Lexan

Micro switch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles

187" Terminal Micro switch

Durable NYLON material

Pushbutton mounts in 1-1/8" hole

Concave Plunger Design

Color: Red/Black/Blue/Green/White/Yellow

Support mixed color customization, please contact us for the color you want.

Zero Delay Keyboard Encoder

The encoder can work perfect on Windows system without any drivers.

It is 100% Zero Delay.

You can use them to DIY your own arcade machines.

Each Encoder has its own USB Cable so that will not have any effective to another player.

About Shipping:

The item will be sent from China ShenZhen Warehouse.

Package Includes:

2 x Zero Delay Keyboard Encoder

2 x USB Cable

26 x 2Pin 4.8mm Wire cables for Buttons

2 x 8 Way HAPP Competition Style Joystick

16 x Happ Style Push Button(Choose your color)

18 x Micro switch for the Push Button

1 x 1P Start Push Button

1 x 2P Start Push button