All Buttons Leverless-Style Arcade Joystick Fight Stick Game Controller SOCD Cleaner Kit

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SOCD, or Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Direction is an undesired output that can occur in Leverless. Unlike a lever, which only produces one direct or diagonal output based on the direction the lever is pulled, it is possible to input two opposite directions when using a pushbutton. This created unpredictable and unwanted behavior in a tournament setting, which can lead to a disqualification. "Cleaning" the direction with simple logic states (Up + Down = Up, Left + Right = Neutral) allows predictable and tournament legal control when two opposite direction buttons are pressed.
UP + DOWN = UP, LEFT + RIGHT = NEUTRAL directional cleaning, a tournament standard for all buttons Game Controller
Tool-less quick connect terminals
Small footprint 4.7x34cm
Four 3mm holes for PCB feet
USB Cable Length: About 1.8m
2.8mm Wire Cable for Buttons Length: About 21cm
The Encoder Board Support for all windows systems & for Raspberry Pi Retropie Projects.
It is also a compact encoder, the size for the encoder board just 8.5m*3.5cm*1cm.
It also can support most Arcade Emulations, Such as for MAME, JAMMA & other PC gaming console emulation.
You just need to simply connect your arcade controls into the encoder board with the included wires, then plug the encoder into your computer USB Port, and then just enjoy your arcade Games with your SOCD featured all buttons Game Controller.
Package Includes:
1 x SOCD Cleaner Board
1 x Encoder Board
1 x USB Cable
14 x 2.8mm Wire Cable for Buttons
5 x Connection Cable SOCD Cleaner Board

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