RAC-J500KM Mechanical Keyboard Fightstick Arcade Game Controller

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Unlike traditional arcade joysticks, RAC-J500KM uses mechanical keyboard keys instead of joystick and joystick buttons.


Plug & Play

USB interface

16 Cherry MX Black key switches

Mechanical keyboard key switches as 12 digital fire buttons

Mechanical keyboard key switches as 4 directional keys

All of above buttons are hot-swappable Cherry MX Black key switches

Cable length about 3m

Case Material: Metal

Panel Size: 25x11.5cm

Weight: 0.45kg

Ultra-thin design, easy to carry

Ergonomic slope design

Printer type USB interface

Supports USB 2.0 and also USB 1.1

Keyboard Color will be same as picture show, which cannot be changed.

The PC version RAC-J500KM -PC

RAC-C800 Zero Delay Arcade Encoder inside

Compatible with PC/PS3/SWITCH

2 buttons on the side as start and select buttons

4 buttons on the back of case as Home, Mode, R3,L3

The PS4 version RAC-J500KM -PS

The Brook Fighting Board PS3/PS4 For PS4 inside

Compatible with PS5/PS4/PS3/PC

It supports playing PS4 games on PS5 but native PS5 games not supported

Package Includes:

1 x RAC-J500KM Mechanical Keyboard Arcade Joystick Portable Game Controller

About Shipping:

The item will be sent from China ShenZhen Warehouse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
muy bueno con alguna cosita a mejorar

Estaría bien que sacarais una versión con las teclas haciendo un ángulo de 30/45ª y la base completamente plana para poder ponerlo en una mesa. 9/10

Franko Garcia
Great Joystick

Beautiful and comfortable joystick, once you try it there is no turning back, good design work guys, I hope a version 2.