RAC-C200 Zero Delay Arcade Joystick USB Encoder PC Button Board Cables 2Pin Kit

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Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder for Your PC Game DIY.

Use this Encoder you can build your own Arcade Game Machine.

Easy Installation Design! Just connected to the push button and joystick.

Support for all windows systems & for Raspberry Pi Retropie Projects.

It is also a compact encoder. The size for the encoder board just 8.5m*3.5cm*1cm.

It also can support most Arcade Emulations, Such as for  MAME, JAMMA & other PC gaming console emulation.

You just need to simply connect your arcade controls into the encoder board with the included wires, then plug the encoder into your computer USB Port. And then just enjoy your arcade Games with your PC.

USB Cable Length: About 1.8m

5pin Cable for Joystick Length: About 18cm

2.8mm Wire Cable for Buttons Length: About 21cm

4.8mm Wire cables for Happ Style Joystick and Buttons Length: About 21cm

2Pin Kit Package Includes:

1 x Encoder Board

1 x USB Cable

4 x 4.8mm Cable for 2Pin Happ Joystick

10 x 2.8mm Wire Cable for Buttons

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