5X Baolian Acrade Video Game Player Switch 28mm Round Illuminated Push Button 5V Inner W/ LED Lamp

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Give your arcade setup a powerful boost with our high-quality, patented LED Arcade Button, uniquely designed to elevate your gaming performance and visual appeal.
Exclusive Patented Arcade Button - Distinguish your gaming experience with our LED Arcade Button. Our patented and unique design ensures that your arcade setup stands out from the crowd.
Vibrant LED Lighting: Enhance your gaming aesthetic with our LED button. This feature-packed Arcade button features a built-in LED lighting effect that displays a variety of vibrant colors, making every game truly immersive.
Durable and User-Friendly Design: Our LED Arcade Button is designed with 110 built-in LED terminals, ensuring durability and trouble-free operation. Get ready for countless hours of non-stop gaming action.
Reliable Integrated Switch: We have integrated an integrated micro switch into our LED button design, which has been rigorously tested over 5 million times for unmatched reliability. With its gold contact legs, this switch promises to offer a robust and long-lasting gaming setup.
Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're a DIY hobbyist building your own arcade cabinet or a business owner upgrading your arcade machines, our LED Arcade Button is versatile and integrates seamlessly with a variety of machines.
Easy to Install Arcade Button: Our button features a minimum panel pitch of 28.6+0.5mm, offering flexibility and ease during installation. Enjoy the freedom to customize your gaming system exactly how you want, without any hassle.
Elevate your gaming to the next level today with our exclusive patented LED Arcade Button!
Package Includes:
5 x Baolian Acrade Video Game Player Switch 28mm Round Illuminated Push Button 5V Inner W/ LED Lamp
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