Brook Fighting Board Cable - 20-Pin Button and Joystick Harness with 4-Pin Button Harness

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Just Plug it in: Make your own Arcade Stick much easier! Common action and option buttons are fully integrated. It saves 15-30 minutes of installation by clipping all buttons onto the Arcade Stick.
High-Value: 110 Female Connector is compatible with mainstream Sanwa Denshi, Seimitsu, or GameFinger buttons.
Hardcode Material: Durable cable for you to DIY your board, no need to worry it will be broken.
Connector: Its 5-PIN JST PH connector works with Sanwa JLF-series, Seimitsu LS-series, and Hori Hayabusa joysticks; All button fight stick's 4-PIN connector allows R3/L3 simulation. PS4 touchpad simulation is available when a Fighting board supports the PS4 touchpad function.
Compatibility: Brook Fighting Boards, which includes Universal Fighting Board, Zero-Pi Fighting Board Easy Version, PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus, XB Fighting Board, Wireless Fighting Board, PS4+ Audio Fighting Board
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