Brook PS3 PS4 Fighting Board Plus for PS4/PS3/PC

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The Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus supports PS3, PS4, and PC. Used by competitors at major tournaments, this low latency board is the industry standard for DIY stick builds.
PlayStation 5 compatible for PS4 games (firmware for PS5 games coming soon)
Compatible with all PS3 / PS4 buttons and Xinput on PC
No 8 minute time-out
Eighteen different button configurations
Four different Player LED
Supports Touchpad function
Supports Turbo Key function
Automatically changes modes on different consoles
Manually change PS3/PS4/PC modes
Supports two SOCD modes
Supports LS, RS, and DP modes
Firmware upgradable
Package Include:
1 x Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus
1 x Manual.
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