FightBox R1-F Arcade Game Controller for Super Smash Bro Game

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Enhance your gaming experience with the Fightbox R1-F game controller.


All of buttons are the original Sanwa OBSF-24 buttons

The controller's main control board utilizes the powerful Raspberry Pi PICO, delivering outstanding performance with minimal delay.

Six non-slip pads at the bottom to make the joystick more stable

With its convenient USB TYPE-C or TYPE-A interface, the controller can be directly connected to your computer, providing native support for PC emulators.

Switch compatibility is achieved through the use of an adapter, offering versatility for various setups.

If you choose R1-F-TYPEC model, an optional USB-C to GameCube cable allows you to connect the controller to a GameCube game console, expanding your gaming options. The R1-F-USB model does not include this feature.



Cable type: USB (Type B to Type A)


Cable type: USB (Type C to Type A)

Cable length: About 3m

Case Material: Metal

Panel Material: Acrylic

Panel Size: 35x20cm

Product Height: 4.5cm

Product Weight: 1.5kg

Package Includes:

1 x FightBox R1-F Arcade Game Controller for Super Smash Bro Game

If you choose R1-F-TYPEC model,

1 x USB-C to GameCube cable (black, 1.8m, braided)