RAC-J300 Detachable Arcade Joystick 2pin/5pin 8 Way DIY Parts

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RAC-J300 Joystick features two-piece shaft design. It employs a quick coupling mechanism which make it super easy to attach and detach joystick shaft.

The top part of the shaft is equipped with a spring-loaded housing. To attach, pull up the housing with your thumb and forefingers, align it with the bottom piece, then release the housing. To detach, simply pull up the spring-loaded housing and pull off.

With RAC-J300 Joysticks, players will be able to enjoy the convenience of detaching the protruding joystick shaft for easier transportation and storage.

Color: Red/Black/Blue/Green/Yellow/White

Top Ball Diameter: Approx. 35mm

Total Size: Approx. 95x60x105mm

Joystick shaft length: Approx 72mm

Brand new and high quality.

8 way operation.

Fits metal control panels.

Easy to operate, with high sensitivity.

You can use it to DIY your own arcade game machine.

2Pin/5pin terminal Micro-switch

Package Includes:

1 x RAC-J300 Detachable Arcade Joystick 2pin/5pin 8 Way DIY Parts

1 x Hex Key

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