RAC-J500KK Keyboard Arcade Joystick Fight Stick Game Controller for PC USB

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Unlike other arcade controllers, the RAC-J500KK has mechanical keyboard directional keys instead of an analog joystick and buttons. It uses Cherry MX Black key switches and push buttons. It works with the PC.


100% Brand New.

Plug & Play

USB interface

8 Mechanical keyboard key as fire buttons

Mechanical keyboard directional keys

4 Cherry MX Black key switches

Supports USB 2.0 and also USB 1.1

Cable length about 180cm

Case Material: ABS

Panel Material: Acrylic

Panel Size: 30x20cm

Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder

With 4 anti-slipped rubber supports to mount on surface more steadily

Package Includes:

1 x RAC-J500KK Keyboard Arcade Fight Stick Game Controller Joystick for PC

About Shipping:

For orders from US customers, we will ship from the US.
For orders from international customers, we will ship them from our Shenzhen factory in China.

About Tekken 7 

The game menu control of Tekken 7 under STEAM is not supported by default, but it does not affect the game play. If you have any requirements for this, please contact us.