RAC-T400 Two Players TableTop Retro Arcade Game Console Raspberry PI 4 4GB

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This is a high quality Retro Arcade Game Console Kit with the latest version RetroPie 4.6 system pre-installed. The panel is made of high quality Acrylic material with artwork. Equipped with high quality joystick and buttons, powered by Raspberry PI 4 Model B 4GB and RetroPie system, this kit is a perfect arcade game system you can play in your home. This kit support lots of retro console systems such as: Amiga, Final Burn Alpha, Gameboy, Neo-Geo, MAME, Nintendo, SNES, DreamCast, SEGA, and a lot more.


Powered by Raspberry PI 4 Model B 4GB

Plug and Play RETROPIE console

Professionally assembled, configured and optimized

Sandisk TF Card 128G (Class 10) 100MB/s

New iron case, frosted paint, strong and beautiful

8 foot pad on the bottom to ensure the stability of the console during the game

External TF slot for easy replacement of TF card and running different systems

System indicator to dynamically display system status

2 USB ports for easy connection to external USB devices

External audio jack for easy connection to speakers, support display devices without HDMI audio output

8 digital fire buttons

8 ways digital control stick

Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder

US or EU or UK or AU Power Supply adapter Charger 5V 3.0A


Product Size: 65 x 20 x 14cm

Product Weight: 3600g

Case Material: Metal

Panel Material: Acrylic

Game Roms: About 18,000 games preinstalled, contact us get the game list.

Package Includes:

1 x RAC-T400 Two Players TableTop Retro Arcade Game Console

1 x Black HDMI Cable 4.9FT 1.5M

1 x Power Supply adapter Charger 5V 3.0A which Micro USB power supply charging cable with ON/OFF switch

1 x User Manual

About Shipping:

For US buyers, if you choose artwork 3 or artwork 5, we will ship from US warehouses.

For international buyers, we will ship from China ShenZhen warehouses.

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